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SeneGence® Independent Distributor #407789



Hey girl, I'm Hanna!

I'm a twenty-something dog momma to 2 fuzzy fur babies living in Colorado with my high school sweetheart. Oh yea, I happen to LOVE Disney- see photo above. Thanks for choosing me for your SeneGence® needs!

I was first introduced to SeneGence® from a old high school cheerleading teammate. She added me to her Facebook page and a saw the crazy magic lipstick. Now I hated getting notifications, especially since I was just mass added to the group, and thought that the price for lipstick was to expensive. Now at this point, I was a sophomore in college and there was no was of justifying $55 for lipstick, no matter how long it stayed on.

A year later, my boyfriend's sister (practically sister-in-law) hosted a LipSense® party and I decided it was now time to try this magic makeup. Let's just say that I fell in love with Dark Pink (my first color) and happened to host my own party. Here comes June, and I received a cold Facebook message from my now upline about becoming a distributor for $55.

I never thought that I would do any sort of sales and where would I even find the time with school, work, and my sorority (go Gamma Phi!). Direct sales always had a bad rep with members trying to force people to sign up or buy products from them. I said what the heck and spent the $55 to sign up.


I'm sure you're thinking MLM are just pyramid schemes and no one actually makes money besides the people at the top. I thought the same thing, too. I did my research which helped to change my mind, but I won't get into that here.I decided to join well first for the opportunity to make some extra money while going to school and to be apart of a supportive and inspiring community.

I've been a distributor since 2017 and it's been a wild and amazing ride. I am currently in the process of achieving my SeneBlends Makeup Artist Certification, another amazing program distributors have the chance to earn. I currently don't have a team, but don't let that stop you from joining with me. It means that I have more time to focus on helping you build your own empire while I build mine.



I want to make my main focus on training my team and be the best upline that I can possible be. I am apart of the top team in the company with access to valuable trainings. This is where I found my all of my support. My upline did not give any guidance before she left the company, so that's why I want to focus my time on helping you.

You will receive access to my exclusive distributor training guide and checklist, weekly trainings on products and how to succeed in all aspects of the company, a company new distributor onboarding guide, and much more!

If you are ready for becoming a small business owner, don't hesitate to reach out. It does require putting in hard work and dedication and isn't this get rich quick scheme. I would be so honored if you chose me to help guide and support you on this journey.